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EU to Google: Improve antitrust settlement or face charges

Yahoo Business - 1 hora 29 mins ago

After three previous settlement attempts, regulators say formal objections are the "logical next step" if the two sides can't come to an agreement.>

Simplification Is a Beautiful Thing: How to Simplify Your Business and Life

Yahoo Business - 1 hora 32 mins ago
I was listening to an interview the other day about a movie producer who made millions and realized that money doesn't make him happy (nothing new, I know!), in fact his fancy lifestyle and all the toys and gadgets he possessed made him pretty unsatisfied. So what did he do to climb out of that depression? He started to simplify his life like...

Amazon outage hits site globally, prevents some customers from placing orders

Yahoo Business - 1 hora 39 mins ago

A customer service representative tells CNET the company's servers have been down since about 10 a.m. PT and may not be back up for several hours.>

iPhone 6 models 'set gold standard' in photo, video quality tests

Yahoo Business - 1 hora 46 mins ago

In a noteworthy test of photo and video image quality, Apple's new iPhones bump aside Samsung, Sony and Nokia.>

Wall Street ends lower, S&P 500 down for third straight day

Yahoo Business - 1 hora 59 mins ago

By Ryan Vlastelica NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks fell on Tuesday, with consumer staples leading the S&P 500 down to its third straight daily loss, as investors grew concerned about the pace of global economic growth. The day's losses were broad, with all ten primary S&P sectors down. Consumer staples were the weakest on the day, off 0.9 percent, while industrials lost 0.8 percent. Wall Street's losses tracked Europe's 1.3 percent slump, after data showed a contraction in French business activity and slower growth in German manufacturing this month. ...

Tesco-style accounting risks well known in retail industry

Yahoo Business - 2 horas 10 mins ago

By Tom Bergin LONDON (Reuters) - Tesco Plc's disclosure of huge accounting mistakes over contracts with its suppliers shocked industry analysts and executives, but not because they didn't realise the potential for disaster. On the contrary, they assumed that everyone in retailing was fully aware of the risks involved in accounting for rebates paid by suppliers to Britain's biggest supermarket groups, thanks to auditors' warnings. ...

Talko and the evolution of phone calls

Yahoo Business - 2 horas 11 mins ago

The way we talk on phones may change with new messaging apps, half of Apple mobile devices upgraded to iOS 8, and Polaroid Cube takes a different approach to video capture.>

No cheese stands alone with the Partyclette Raclette Set

Yahoo Business - 2 horas 19 mins ago

The Boska Partyclette ToGo Raclette Set is a portable cheese-melting device with heat supplied by three tea lights.>

Go way retro with this mechanical-typewriter computer keyboard

Yahoo Business - 2 horas 23 mins ago

You love the look and feel of old typewriters, but don't want to give up the comforts of modern technology. Meld the two with the Qwerkywriter keyboard.>

The 404 Show 1,556: 'Gotham' review, solves everything (podcast)

Yahoo Business - 2 horas 38 mins ago

Today we check out the pilot episode of "Gotham," get to the bottom of a recent titillating Internet hoax and talk about tech we wish we had in college.>

Hundreds of floating robots could soon surveil the oceans

Yahoo Business - 2 horas 42 mins ago

A deal between Boeing and Liquid Robotics, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, means fleets of seafaring robots will augment existing military aircraft and ships in monitoring the seas.>

Get a Toshiba Satellite S70 17.3-inch laptop for $999.99

Yahoo Business - 3 horas 3 mins ago

This ultra-high-end desktop replacement normally runs $400 more.>

Apple TV adds FX Now, still sans 'The Simpsons'

Yahoo Business - 3 horas 16 mins ago

Apple's streaming-media device beats Roku by adding an app that its channel-packed rival lacks, but don't expect "The Simpsons" now.>

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: What's in a widget?

Yahoo Business - 3 horas 35 mins ago

Living with the iPhone 6 Plus, part 3: In our latest post-review check-in, Tim Stevens compares the look and feel of his two favorite phablets.>

5 Tips for Sending Cold Emails That Receive a Response

Yahoo Business - 3 horas 54 mins ago

I'm no expert in email marketing, but having been a blogger for so long -- it has taught me some invaluable lessons and skills, especially when it comes to working with people closely, asking them for favors and, in general, trying to be a good associate; no matter how large or small the extent is.I exchange hundreds of emails every week, and...

New U.S. tax rules chill 'inversion' deal-making; shares dive

Yahoo Business - 3 horas 59 mins ago

By Kevin Drawbaugh and Soyoung Kim WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Tough new U.S. rules on corporate "inversions" on Tuesday sent a chill through the market for the tax-avoidance deals, both pending and potential, with share prices falling sharply in nearly a dozen companies on both sides of the Atlantic. As investors sold stocks involved in inversions, in which U.S. companies escape high taxes at home by redomiciling abroad, analysts and tax lawyers were surveying the damage to deals currently in the works and the outlook for future transactions. ...

Vevo original shows are multiplying -- and getting animated

Yahoo Business - 4 horas 4 mins ago

Streaming service amps up its original content with its biggest programming slate so far, finding visitors spend more time when they have more than just slick music videos to dive into.>

Sci-fi fantasy nears reality: A full-on phone on your wrist

Yahoo Business - 4 horas 18 mins ago

Epic Watchphones hopes crowdfunding is the ticket to introducing a smartwatch that has absolutely no need for a smartphone buddy.>

5 Habits You Need to Avoid When Making Decisions

Yahoo Business - 4 horas 21 mins ago

When it comes to making the right decisions in business, nobody is an expert. You may think that doing something now is going to have great effect in the future, but sometimes we learn that the exact opposite has happened. How can we come back and trust our decisions then?I used to have a website that wrote about technological topics, nothing...

Boost Mobile to sell iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Yahoo Business - 4 horas 33 mins ago

The prepaid service provider, owned by Sprint, says only that the new Apple smartphones are coming and offers nothing about pricing or launch date.>